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Lich-King Dionysus, The Pillager of Souls by Theguywholikesweapon Lich-King Dionysus, The Pillager of Souls :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 2 0
Dim. Rift part 2
Dim. Rift part 2: Welcome.
The human approached the stopping point of where the object was with curiosity flowing through his mind. He was
anxious to see what had landed just over the large mound of dirt left by the objects landing which had forced mounds of dirt
to raise up and form a barrier from where it first landed to where it had stopped. The Human stepped up the dirt mound and
looked down into the crater, immediately setting his sights on a pale white figure struggling to get to its feet.
"Somethings still alive, after that?" the human said to himself as he noted that the figure had several injuries and what looked
to be a large gash wound that went from its upper back, over the right shoulder and stopped at its upper torso. "Whoa, he may have
survived the landing but no way he's going to survive with a wound like that." the human thought to himself as he slid down the
side of the crater to try and assist what ever it was that was injured.
"Hey, do you
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Dim. Rift part 1
Dim. Rift part 1: The Arrival
The air was cold, enthralled by two powerful forces standing only meters away from each other. One a pale white skinned figure with
various stitches on its body, with its constant white eyes gazing at his adversary meters in front of him as it stood in front of a large swirling
portal.The other, a tall human a long black cloak, with a look of un-wavering determination as his birth-written energies collect into his left hand.
"So, its just you and me now freak," the human spoke to the pale skinned figure across from him "I certainly hope you put up more
of a fight then the last competitors I've gone through just to get here," the human revealed his left hand from behind his cloak as a ball of grey energy
formed above his hand.
The pale skinned figure felt its energies flow through its narrow upper-arms and larger fore-arms as a ball of dark purple energy
collected in his hands, but his gaze did not falter as he gathered his
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MS-1204'HellRounder' by Theguywholikesweapon MS-1204'HellRounder' :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 0 0 EDF Mavor by Theguywholikesweapon EDF Mavor :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 0 3
A Bio-Mechanicals Mission pt. 2
-15 minutes to Dark Matter Portal transport-
Scientists log: This is it! This is the day we get to see if our careful research and engineering finally pays off! The Dark Matter research lead seems to be taking this a little more seriously than any of us had though, honestly i'd say most of us would have thought he would be just as excited as we are. How ever, it seems rather odd that we're sending the Admirals closest friend for this, I guess things are becoming more escalated what with the Marauder Legion at our throats in the frozen wastelands. No matter, I look forward to the results we get back from this!
-Meanwhile, in the main portal chamber-
Loud-speaker: Attention, Attention. All personnel are to report to their assign stations and prepare for Dark Matter portal transit, designated time till launch is 15  minutes.
Research lead: Everyone to your positions, we are to have no delays today, begin the portals systems check and stability levels.
Lloyd: You're sure that thi
:icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 0 0
A biomechanical's mission
-1000 years before the Time Crunch- Long before Lloyd had ever actually been known by the world, he and about 75 other Bio Corps. subjects were just mere blood samples containing Unique DNA properties. Each one had a personality to it and with much needed assistance by Bio Corps. experimental tech, each could be created into the subjects they were taken from. The only un-natural thing however was that the DNA, even being from the subjects it was taken from, showed the genetics of future generations, meaning that the DNA was going to match their subjects DNA, but will appear centuries away from their original slate.
Proving problematic and rather un-settling with how much the project was costing them, Bio Corps. executive board disposes of all but 9 subjects: Kleff, Tace, Reggin, Mallus, Visk, Lloyd, Dice, Hail, and Tursh. However, Bio Corps. had told its buyers that ten subjects would be made in time for their recent defense contract, and since Bio Corps. hda disposed of all the other
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MA-6 Enlu Light Tank by Theguywholikesweapon MA-6 Enlu Light Tank :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 0 3 MS- 67 'Ground Pounder' by Theguywholikesweapon MS- 67 'Ground Pounder' :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 1 2
Open Wounds pt. 1
Wasteland Zone
Sinkhole Canyons
Marauder Dreadnought "Destiny of Redemption"
Command Bridge
Advisor: My lord Tace, your second in command has sent a message from the planet surface.
Tace: What news does he have from the surface...?
Advisor: The diversion worked perfectly and he has now established a forward command base as well as a drilling outpost to investigate the strange signatures beneath the planets ground layers, and transmission feed will be up within the hour my lord.
Tace: Good... very good, what other news is there from our advancing line.
Advisor: Colonel Quan O' Su's 903rd Assault Battalion and General Kedun Enlu's 701st Beserker Battalion have established a forward command post and are preparing to assault the EDF's Barbara Defense Line, and they wish to know if they have the green-light to commence their offensive.
Tace: No, they are to wait until Riggus's 103rd Assault Battalion are back from the planets surface, without them our efforts to get out of this misbegotten
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M.L. Riggus profile
EDF network accessed.
Selecting profiles..
Selecting Marauder Legion..
Entering profiles..
103rd Marauder Lead Assault Battalion Commander Riggus, selected
Name: Riggus.
True Age: 105
Physical Age: 38
Height: 8" 6 in.
Species: Marauder
Blood Type: -Unknown-
Occupation: Execution, Planning Offensives against EDF Defense lines, Legion Master Tace's 2nd in Command.
Location: Kaison, Forward Cmd. post near the EDF Barbara Defense line.
Past Occupation: Leader of allied rebel Marauder faction on Marauder home world.
Background: Now a fierce militaristic and Ruthless second in command to the legion master Tace, Riggus was a previously highly feared Resistance leader, who had allied all the disbanded marauder populations to over-throw the supposedly actionist Marauder Hierarchs  and establish a new and improved and united government for his people under his rule. In his early life, Riggus had always been speaking out saying that the marauder people wer
:icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 1 0
Ep 2. Open wounds intro
8 hours after the incident on the planet with Wenger and his squad, the wounded are being treated and the critically wounded are either put into the Er immediately or are given cybernetic parts to replace anything on them that they may have lost.
Admiral Lloyd has taken note of the losses taken, and has promised to give each of those men and woman that died that day, an honorable memorial and has issued that the congressional medal of honor be given to the families of the dead soldiers, and to the wounded soldiers that survived the engagement with the marauders.
Christine's wounds do not appear as fatal as they were presumed to be, gut shots are far more worse when done up close, other-wise she would have been sure to have died instantly, and she is lucky that she had any support at all when she was wounded, or she wouldn't have made it off that planet.
Sgt. Nichols condition is far worse than any of the others, two shots in the chest cavity and a spear rammed through him, which should
:icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 1 0
episode 2 preview
"wars are not fought with bullets and bombs alone son, they are fought with the culture of its people, the people making that culture will continue to do so, even when oppressed and beaten to the dirt, wars are fought with courage and knowledge and the hope of its people, and as much as it may not seem like it, hope.. is running out..." -Admiral Lloyd Garrison
as said by a wise man, "force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings death, to break this vicious cycle one must act without thought or doubt." -Khan
If only this cycle of war could end forever, things would be a little more simple -Earth species leader
"If your cornered six to one by marauders, you'll probably be killed, but if you stick by me that wont happen" -SO. Wenger J. Swiss
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random xat sketch dump by Theguywholikesweapon random xat sketch dump :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 0 0
The Operation pt. 5 2-2
-EDF troop transports touched down and popped down the hatches to let EDF soldiers into the area, Lloyd and a battalion of elite EDF units began to engage the Marauder threat, as well as look for any surviors-
The forward command base was destroyed how ever, and any EDF transports heading there were quickly re-routed to Lloyds position.
Gas station-
Wenger: Davis get down here now!
Davis: Im coming!
Wenger: -wakes up Christine- hey stay with me.
Christine: hnn? wha?
-Loud bang-
Wenger: Shite! -draws his weapon, firing a round into the head of a marauder staff charger as it came around the corner-
Davis: -had carried Nichol's down from the roof of the gas station and had laid him against the wall- We're surrounded.
-not far from the gas station-
EDF soldier: Take cover!
EDF soldier 2: Smoke these sons 'a bitches.
-Weapon fire is exchanged from both sides with marauders losing more shooters, and finally fall back-
Lloyd: Move forward and set up some digge
:icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 1 0
a rifle and a pistol by Theguywholikesweapon a rifle and a pistol :icontheguywholikesweapon:Theguywholikesweapon 0 0


Don't Mess With the Ice Queen by Samtastic-V3
Mature content
Don't Mess With the Ice Queen :iconsamtastic-v3:Samtastic-V3 33 1
LOL, Emily's Wedgie 2 by Samtastic-V3
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LOL, Emily's Wedgie 2 :iconsamtastic-v3:Samtastic-V3 19 3
No Pants Subway Ride by Samtastic-V3
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No Pants Subway Ride :iconsamtastic-v3:Samtastic-V3 49 19
Shorties: iPantsed by Samtastic-V3
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Shorties: iPantsed :iconsamtastic-v3:Samtastic-V3 63 14
Let's party hard! by SchroedingerTales Let's party hard! :iconschroedingertales:SchroedingerTales 95 10 RWBY - You Won't Conquer Me (Commission) by Batomys2731 RWBY - You Won't Conquer Me (Commission) :iconbatomys2731:Batomys2731 43 6 Snooky Pantsed Mammoth Mutt by mewmewspike Snooky Pantsed Mammoth Mutt :iconmewmewspike:mewmewspike 11 1 Old friends by XPlaysX Old friends :iconxplaysx:XPlaysX 68 7 It was better than math camp by Wolfscar2810 It was better than math camp :iconwolfscar2810:Wolfscar2810 198 28 MaeBea Some Other Day by StyledFawn476 MaeBea Some Other Day :iconstyledfawn476:StyledFawn476 135 4 Night in the Woods by TheMinisculeMakahiya Night in the Woods :icontheminisculemakahiya:TheMinisculeMakahiya 1,832 36 Good night Mayday by Amenlona Good night Mayday :iconamenlona:Amenlona 258 6 Beaten on the Beat Page 8 (Epilogue) by OOT94 Beaten on the Beat Page 8 (Epilogue) :iconoot94:OOT94 44 7 Kari's New Job pt 3 by Samtastic-V3
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Kari's New Job pt 3 :iconsamtastic-v3:Samtastic-V3 37 8
Gi Joe Zarana 2014 2 by ksmith3620 Gi Joe Zarana 2014 2 :iconksmith3620:ksmith3620 63 4 Gi Joe Zarana 2014 5 by ksmith3620 Gi Joe Zarana 2014 5 :iconksmith3620:ksmith3620 89 3


Lich-King Dionysus, The Pillager of Souls
Stories from across the realms of existence tell of a tall, dark and enigmatic warrior, who wields a weapon that can shift forms at its masters whim, and wields devastating magic, the likes of which only the highest ranked military leaders of the Holy Seraphim and the Legions of hell. A warrior who possesses great skill in all forms of melee martial arts, and the cunning and brutal efficiency of a master tactician, who renders all who would dare oppose him, low, battered, and dead.

But there lies a contradiction with many, if not all of the stories told about this warrior. In one form or another, he is portrayed as a hero of sorts, but in others, he is portrayed as a villain.

So which side does this warrior align with?

According to him.... "Neither... the moral high ground has no place in my being, not any more... For the villainy claim... I couldn't be any more insulted as to even be compared to those whom a weak mind would call a villain. I am not one to toy with my enemies, and will crush all opposition that would dare bring itself against me, even if it wouldn't even have the chance to reach for its sword. That is what makes me greater than some lapdog of a villain. As for the hero claim, once again I cannot help but feel insulted by being branded as a being of high moral stature. I observe absolutely no limitations, and as such, my victory is not a hope, but a certainty. That is what makes me more efficient than some high and haughty moralist of a hero."

In the eyes of a weak mind, learning this about such a beings moral standing is utterly terrifying, but also, to the few who would try to oppose him, learning this only steels your resolve to 'do good' by protecting those who would be victims of such a being.

To those who do not fear this warriors lack of moral standing, you might see this knowledge as a way to challenge yourself, to advance your own gains in the greater inter dimensional realms, to perhaps build your own followings and legends...

But this warrior, this Lich-King... Is no push over... "and if you can't bring your best, you were never worth the fight..."


Notable features:

The Eye of Horrors: Many mortals from all walks of life have bragged about how nothing can scare them into submission, force them to retreat, or strike them with utter terror. One such warrior was an Elven knight, who was proclaimed to have all the defining characteristics of her people, great physique, amazing combat skill, and a crack of a whip intellect. This knight challenged Dionysus to a one-on-one fight, claiming that she would be the one to bring him to his knees. As the fight progressed, the Elven knight made one fatal flaw, she looked directly into Dionysus' left eye, the Eye of Horrors. Upon looking into it her mind was assailed by countless horrid tortures, not of just seeing these horrors, but also having the experience of such horrors be imprinted in her mind forever. After a moments peace, the Elven knight was a trembling wreck of the once proud warrior she used to be.

Dionysus' Messer: A seemingly regular looking blade, this weapon has its own secret identity, one that only its master can control at will. The weapon itself actually has no inherent shape, and as such it can be morphed from its pommel all the way to its sharpest tip, into any melee weapon, whether it be a mace, an axe, a maul, a whip, or even a spear. The weapon can also split itself, creating two identical, yet smaller, versions for use in both hands. Without a doubt, this weapon, no matter its origin, is as versatile as the one who wields it.

Magic: When it comes to knowing various types of spells and incantations, Dionysus is not lacking. Having challenged and beaten many arcane maesters from hundreds of realms, Dionysus has made certain that his magical talent is not easily surpassed. From resurrection spells and combative magic based in all elements, to reality bending and apocalypse classed spells and rituals, Dionysus is a power house where magical ability is concerned.
Well, its been a long while since i've done anything done here, but as of recent i've been asked by a friend of mine to write up a fan fiction based on the PS3 game Starhawk

The basis of the writing: two males, one human, one outcast, and two females, one human, and one outcast, seem to have their fates intertwined with each other in a way they could never have expected, each character comes from a different background in the Starhawk world setting known as the Outer Spur.

The characters and their relations: Outcast male+Human female/ Human male+Outcast female

Character Backgrounds(thus far): Outcast male: -open to suggestions-  Outcast Female: -open to suggestions- Human Male: -open to suggestions- Human Female: -open to suggestions-

Unfortunately I haven't come up with the names for each of the characters yet, so if anyone who reads this has any names you'd like to suggest, your more than welcome to post them below. It would also help if before suggesting ideas for character backgrounds that you look up the general facts of what the Starhawk universe is about, faction info, weapon details, vehicle details, and the various terrain encountered within the game itself.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and if you wish to help get this story up and running you are more than welcome.
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